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Water Jet Cutting with Custom Welding & Fabrication

Water Jet Cutting ServicesCustom Welding & Fabrication is proud to have served the country with exceptional craftsmanship for 26 years. In keeping with this tradition, we are excited to offer our customers the most effective solution for their cutting applications with the most efficient, versatile and precise waterjet cutting service in New Hampshire. Waterjet cutting systems are the world's most versatile machine tools, allowing customers to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

With waterjet cutting, versatility and ease of use combine with the ability to cut and machine practically anything. Water cutting systems are capable of cutting nearly any shape or dimension with an edge quality that won't require secondary finishing. Capable of cutting From 1/16th of an inch to 8 inches thick, waterjet cutting is the premier solution for cutting applications. Customers are offered benefits that can't be found with other varieties of machine tool processes -- saving time and money. In nearly every industry the ideal is fast, precise and efficient production. Waterjet cutting with Custom Welding & Fabrication makes this ideal a reality.

IFB 6012 Water Jet HyperPressure TechnologyOur dynamic waterjet services are made possible by the revolutionary Flow IFB 9012 with HyperPressure Technology. This system allows us to offer our customer precision cutting of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, glass, granite, plastic, tile, and a wide variety of hard metals. The IFB 9012 is the world's most popular waterjet cutting system and is complete with next generation integrated abrasive waterjet cutting technology. Accuracy, speed, and flexibility are staples in the machining industry but nothing can match the accuracy, speed, and flexibility of waterjet cutting. Our waterjet cutting systems is engineered specifically for an extremely high level of accuracy and performance. The efficiency and precision of that IFB system has been field proven in a thousand installations, offering customers a level of productivity that keeps them coming back.

The Flow IFB 9012 features abrasive waterjet technology that has been continually refined and improved, allowing for extraordinary precision and efficiency. When it comes to the benefits of waterjet cutting, our customers can appreciate

WaterJet Cutting
Linear positioning accuracy of +/- .003 in.
Repeatability accuracy of +/- .002 in.
Ability to cut a full 6' x 12' sheet of material
Parts can be but using virtually any CAD file
Swiveless plumbing for fast cutting
Waterjet cutting that saves money by using raw material more efficiently

Contributing to the overall performance of the IFB 9012 system, the machine is equipped with FlowMaster technology, a user friendly Windows based PC control system which makes operation extremely simple and streamlined. The dynamically controlled cutting head knows the tilt and rotation to virtually eliminate deflecting angle and cut at its most efficient speed.

Knows the amount of tilt and rotation required at numerous points along
a cutting path
Knows the optimal cutting speed to maintain tight tolerances

With FlowMaster system, operators are capable of cutting perfect parts and components with minutes of practice.

Water Jet CompositeIn addition to the specific benefits of waterjet cutting, it is important for us to remind you that waterjet cutting is not only for machine shops and other similar industries. Waterjet cutting is ideal for the applications of an extremely wide variety of industries such as the automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, and tool and die manufacturing industries. When it comes to waterjet cutting the list of possibilities goes on and on.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our waterjet cutting services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We also invite you to our Nottingham, NH facility to see our process and be a part of our progress.

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